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    Information and Suggestions About Casting Pot and Casting Pan

    You love to cook, you are also happy to try new recipes and to share the dishes you prepare from these recipes with your loved ones. If you have reached this article, it means that you are preparing for a new era in your kitchen. In this process, we would like to share brief information about cast iron cookware and pan products with you.

    What is a Cast Iron Cookware? What is a Cast Iron Pan?

    Let's explain briefly:

    The most important feature of cast iron cookware and cast iron pan products is that they do not contain chemicals compared to similar cooking aids in the market. In addition, it will be one of the most profitable investments you will make in your kitchen with the right applications. Because they are both long-lasting and the contribution they will provide to the meals you will cook will be at the highest level. Cast iron pots and cast pans are among the most popular products of your kitchen, which support all cooking methods.
    Cast iron pots and cast iron pans, as mentioned above, will have a long life with correct applications.

    kudomarkt cast iron pan

    How to Use a Cast Iron Cookware and a Cast Pan?

    First of all, we need to know that there are several types of cast iron cookware and cast iron pan products. Without enamel coating, with enamel coating and with ceramic coating. You can use these products in other cooking appliances other than microwaves. You can prepare nice meals with these types of products even in your barbecue. You can prepare all cooking methods such as roasting, frying, sautéing in cast products.

    In this article, we will focus on non-enameled and enamelled cast iron pots and cast pans that we also recommend.

    I bought an enamel uncoated cast iron pan or a cast pan, what should i do?

    When you buy an enamelled cast iron pot or pan, there is a very important process you need to do. The purpose of this process is to prepare the product for cooking and to extend the life of the product. You should, in order:

    1) Wash the product thoroughly and then rinse and dry.
    2) Grease the entire product with a heat-resistant vegetable oil so that a film is formed on it. Do not forget to take excess oil.
    3) After greasing, heat it upside down in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 1 hour.
    4) After the duration of the heating / cooking process, turn off the oven and leave your cast iron pan or cast iron pan to cool again in the oven.
    If you are patient and follow these steps completely, you will greatly contribute to the longevity of your cooking aid.

    kudomarkt cast iron pan

    Let's now come to the benefits of cast products,

    What are the advantages of a cast iron pan or cast iron cookware in cooking?

    1) It helps you cook with less oil. In this way, it is especially beneficial for those who want to pay attention to their weight.
    2) Does not contain chemicals.
    3) Its surface is non-stick.
    4) By distributing the heat evenly, it ensures that your food is cooked in the most ideal way.
    5) If you keep your food inside while serving, the temperature of your food will be preserved for a long time. However, it is useful to have a warning, if you have reached the limit cooking time, please note that your food will continue to cook for a while.
    6) If you keep your chilled food in these products in the fridge, you can increase the protective effect of the cold against freshness.
    7) They are not easily scratched.
    8) There are many options as a variety.
    9) Your meals will be more delicious.
    10) It is a suitable investment for your kitchen since it is long-lasting.
    11) It contributes to your health.
    12) They eliminate your limitations in cooking with different cooking methods.

    kudomarkt cast iron pot

    How to Clean a Cast Iron Cookware or a Cast Pan?

    There are several cleaning methods available. You can clean it with warm vinegar water, heat it or wipe it dry with a paper towel. We do not recommend using detergent.
    Another method is that you can heat it by adding water to it, or you can add ready-made boiling water directly, clean the residues with a wooden spoon, then pass it through clean water and complete the drying process with a sponge or paper towel.

    We recommend that you do not use steel wool or the like in your cast iron pan or cast iron pan.
    Scrubbing with salt is another method.

    Finally, you should never leave your cast pot or cast iron pan wet.

    What Should We Not Do With Our Cast Iron Cookware or Casting Pan?

    1) Do not start the cleaning process before your product has cooled down.
    2) Do not use detergents.
    3) Do not keep your product in cold water while it is hot. Instead, by adding water to your still hot product, you can help it to cool down completely in this way.
    4) Do not let any product that is completely metal or contains metal components come into contact with your cast iron pan or cast iron pan.
    5) If you are using a cast iron pan or cast iron pan without enamel coating, you can perform the coating process mentioned above at regular intervals.

    Please keep in mind that everything that is well looked after, which is a rule of life, has a longer life.

    kudomarkt cast iron pot

    What Should We Pay Attention To When Buying A Cast Iron Pan or Cast Iron Cookware?

    Our recommendation is to choose non-enameled or enamelled cast products. Choose the products of a brand you trust or a store or e-commerce site that you trust that offers you the product.
    We offer you the best quality casting products at You can visit our Instagram account or website to review the details and the products we sell. You can also watch our recipes and box opening videos on our YouTube channel.


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