Propolis Drops - 20 ml

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    What is Propolis?.
    Propolis is used to protect the nutrients in the hive of worker bees, larvae and themselves from various pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. It is a resinous substance that it collects from its parts. Bees create th... Show more

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    What is Propolis?.

    Propolis is used to protect the nutrients in the hive of worker bees, larvae and themselves from various pathogenic microorganisms and viruses. It is a resinous substance that it collects from its parts. Bees create this propolis by biochemical changes with the enzymes they secrete from the glands in their heads..

    How is Propolis Consumed?.

    Propolis contains various external substances and wax in its original form (in the form of raw propolis). The primary reason for this is that it is extremely sticky and is obtained by digging from traps or hives. It is not recommended to consume it in this form (in the form of raw propolis), due to the loss of participation of beneficial ingredients in the human body, and the presence of foreign substances to be mixed while being scraped. Instead, it would be more advantageous to consume with a decomposed extract form...

    What do we offer you?.

    As can be seen, many different inputs affect the end product quality. For this reason, we handle each stage separately..

    1) Raw Material: We only use domestic production raw propolis, so we support the beekeepers of our country and start with the production of quality raw materials without any doubt. The raw materials we supply are analyzed and classified so that we avoid regional content differences..

    2) Solvent type: We only use solvents suitable for human health, so we produce in its purest form without using any preservative colorants or flavorings..

    3) Technique: Our work continues without stopping on this subject. In order to achieve more successful results every day, we constantly control and carry our product quality with university and laboratory studies, partnerships. With these partnerships, we keep track of the phenolic compounds in our products by making quantity analyzes..

    4) Propolis ratio: it dissolves to a certain extent in propolis. In Prof Saracoglu propolis, we increase this rate to the point where the solvent is saturated with propolis. At present, production is carried out on a pure propolis amount in the 20% band...

    Why do see differences such as color taste occur among our products?.

    According to the production period and region of the raw material, many points from the solvent technique till the light exposure of the product cause color and taste changes. While preparing Prof Saracoglu propolis, the main issue is to present it to you in its purest form without using any auxiliary substances to fix color smell and taste without sacrificing the quality of the final product.


    Alcohol Based: Pure water, propolis, ethanol (food grade) - The ratio of pure propolis dissolved in it is 20%.

    Introduction of Use 

    Internal use: Drop into half a glass of water or a quarter of a tea glass, 10-15 drops 2 hours after dinner once a day and consume it.


    Not suitable for children under 1 year.

    Daily 5 drops - 1-3 years old

    Daily 6 drops - 3-5 years old

    Daily 8 drops - between 5-11 years old

    Daily 10 drops in the morning - between the ages of 11-15

    Daily 15 drops for above 15 years of age

    Externel use:

    It is recommended to be used as external and mouthwash for 1 year old and up.


    ✓ Not suitable for people with hypoglycaemia, heavy blood thinners and / or antibiotics and allergies to bee products.

    ✓ It is not recommended to be consumed by babies under 1 year old.

    ✓ It is suitable for pregnant women.

    ✓ It is not recommended for those who are at high risk of allergies.

    ✓ Since it does not contain additives, color changes may occur over time.

    ✓ According to the climatic conditions of the place where the propolis is collected, there may be changes in smell, color and taste.

    ✓ Store the product in a dry and cool environment at room temperature with the lid closed. After opening the lid, keep it in the refrigerator. It can be used for up to 1 year when stored in the correct storage conditions after opening the lid. Protect from daylight, moisture and heat. Shake before use.

    ✓ Note: After 6 months, it can make deposits in the propolis bottom region, which is included in the contents of the propolis bottom area (when there is no use of churning during this period).

    ✓ This product is not designed to cure, prevent or treat diseases. This product is a nutritional supplement.

    ✓ Do not ignore the doctor's control and advice. Inform your doctor about your use of this product.

    Other Information 

    It is not legally allowed to give information about the benefits of the product. You can browse open sources for more information. For all your questions, you can contact us at [email protected]

    We wish you healthy days…




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    Propolis Drops - 20 ml
    € 16,37
    Propolis Drops - 20 ml
    In stock: Shipping in 2 - 3 days
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